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It is the right of the victim of a crime to receive all the information they need to know about what happens during the criminal proceedings, who is involved, and their role in them. The victim also has the right to receive all the information they need about their rights and about how they can be put into practice.

If you are or you were the victim of a crime, all the information you need should be given to you in a simple and accessible form, so that you can fully understand it.

If you don’t feel capable of understanding all that you will be told on your own, you can ask that the information be given to you in the presence of another person:  a family member, a friend, a lawyer or a victim support officer.

From the first contact with the authorities, you have the right to be informed about various things, such as:

  • types of support you can receive and who can provide them;
  • how and where to make a complaint or report a crime;
  • what happens during a criminal process;
  • the state of the proceedings and the major decisions taken there;
  • how to file a claim for compensation;
  • how to obtain protection;
  • the date, time, and place of the trial and the sentence;
  • the contact information of the authorities you should use to ask for or give information about your case;
  • your rights as a victim of crime and how and under what conditions you can exercise them ;
  • what you can do if your rights are not respected.

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