translation and interpretation

Victims have the right to receive all the information about the process, their rights, and to participate fully in the criminal proceedings in a language they understand and master.

If you are or you were a victim of crime and you do not understand Portuguese, you have the right to have an interpreter in all the phases and steps of the proceedings in which you participate. The interpreter must have a strong command of both Portuguese and your language.
The interpreter will translate everything you say into Portuguese and everything that is said or asked to you in Portuguese into your language.

If you are deaf or if you have a hearing impairment, you have a right to a sign language interpreter. If you are mute or unable to speak, the questions are asked orally and you answer in writing.

You will not have any additional expenses if you need an interpreter. This is a free right that all victims in need of translation are entitled to in order to fully understand the information they are given and to participate fully in the criminal proceedings.