Victims from other countries

Those who suffer a crime in a country where they do not reside should be provided with appropriate measures, such as:

  • the right to have an interpreter;
  • the right to file a complaint with the authorities of their country of residence, whenever a complaint was not filed in the country where the crime was committed;
  • the right to make a statement immediately after the crime;
  • the right to participate in the procedural acts (the trial, for example) without having to travel to the country where the crime was committed; this can be done via telephone or videoconference from their country of residence.
  • the right to make a claim for compensation, if the crime was violent, with the respective competent authority in their country of residence. In Portugal, claims for compensation must be sent to the Commission for the Protection of Victims of Crime.

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For more information about being a victim in a country of the European Union other than yours, you can consult this brochure. Click here to open it.